Play Along – Let’s have a party!

Door with balloons and bunting around, as if coming to a party

Have you ever wanted to host a musical party? With this jolly activity you can!

Join the musicians from the London Philharmonic Orchestra and John Webb for this activity where you can plan your own party, from the food and drinks you want to inviting your friends, all set to the music of Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique.

About this activity

Play along

How to join in with this activity:

  • Before you use the play along video have a think about everything you would need to do to prepare for a party!
    • Setting up your party:
      • What would you need if you were hosting a party?
      • What drink, food, decorations would you have?
      • Make a list as a group
    • Create a musical name:
      • Create a short phrase of music to represent your arrival at the party!
      • This could be as an individual or a group
      • You could use OrchLab Soundmakers, iPad apps such as Thumbjam, Keezy or GarageBand, percussion or even your voices to create a sound
      • Have a listen to each others musical names before you get started so you know what everyone is represented by
  • Work out the order that the guests will arrive at the party in. There will be three spaces in the ‘Play along’ video for people to arrive in – so you might want to write down who is arriving when.
  • Have fun!

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