Play Along – Mama Don’t Allow

Workshop leader Dav Shiel demonstrating the Mama Dont Allow Music Activity

‘Mama Don’t Allow’ has become a firm favourite in our live OrchLab sessions, so we’ve created a resource led by Dav Shiel from Drake Music, featuring LPO trombonist David Whitehouse, so you can play and sing along whenever you like! 

Watch the video titled ‘About this activity’ first, then when you know how to join in, watch the video titled ‘Play along’.

About this activity

Play along

How to join in with this activity:

  • You can do this activity in a group or on your own. You will need any musical instruments or iPads, or you can use your voices
  • Watch the video and play or sing when ‘Mama’ tells you not to! 
  • Make up some other sounds that Mama might not allow, (like our shakers or animal noises examples) and add these verses to the song
  • If you’d like to, we have sheet music and song lyrics that you can use for this piece
  • Have fun!

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