Play and Sing – Three Little Birds

Three LPO musicians in the background with Dav leading on ukulele in the foreground

‘Three Little Birds’ has become a firm favourite in our OrchLab sessions, so we’ve created a video version so you can sing, play or listen whenever you like!

Watch the video titled ‘About this activity’ first. Then when you know how to join in, watch the video titled ‘Play along’.

About this activity

Play along

How to join in with this activity:

  • You can do this activity in a group or on your own. You will need any musical instruments or iPads, or you can use your voices
  • If you are using drums, shakers or tambourines you can play along in time with the song
  • If you are using instruments with notes, like chime bars, bells or iPads try using the notes D, E, F#, G, A, B and C (if you don’t have all of these, just use what you have)
  • If you are using an iPad app like ThumbJam or GarageBand, set the key to D major (you can click on the links to ThumbJam and GarageBand for instructions of how to do this)
  • If you are using OrchLab Soundmakers like Circles or Squares, set the key to D major (you can click on the link to OrchLab Soundmakers for instructions of how to do this)
  • See if you can play along with the musicians from the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing the melody in the introduction of the song. The notes you will need are: D, E, F#, A and you can follow Dav in the ‘About this activity’ if you want to practice.
  • If you would like to, please sing along! The words will appear on the screen as we go through the song.
  • In the middle of the piece, Dav has left space for you to play solos. These could be passed around the group if you are playing together, or if you are playing by yourself use it as your moment to shine.
  • Have fun!

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