Play and Sing – Hello Song

Based on the traditional tune ‘This Old Hammer’, this Hello Song is a great way to start a music session with a group by getting everyone to play and sing individually and together.

In this video, workshop leader John Webb sings the song once, then leaves space for you to sing. He then joins back in with singing at the end.

Running the activity

  1. Watch the video and sing along with the words
  2. Optional: Download our sheet music for this song, which includes a notated melody line, chords and lyrics, or you can download the lyrics for the song here.
  3. After John first sings the song, there is a gap for you to sing and play along. In this gap you could:
  • Sing a tune – sing along with the lyrics that appear, or you could sing a different tune with your own words in the gap
  • Use a percussion instrument (untuned) – if you have tambourines, shakers or other percussion, play along with John, or just in the gap. You could take turns, if you are in a group
  • Use a percussion instrument (tuned) – if you have a xylophone, chime bars, bells or keyboard, you can improvise a tune in the gap (D, F, G and A are good notes to try but you can also experiment with any notes), or you can play the melody using our sheet music
  • Use an iPad – using Garageband, play chords in D minor, G minor and A major. Using Thumbjam, choose the key of D minor and improvise a tune in the gaps.

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