Play along – Morning Soundscape

Rise and shine! In this activity, we’re going to create a soundscape to represent dawn, inspired by Tchaikovsky’s famous ‘Fantasy Overture’ from Romeo and Juliet. A soundscape is a musical picture which uses layers of different sounds and melodies. For this soundscape, you will work in a group to create some different sounds to represent the early morning, and you can use your voices, musical instruments, or even some sound effects to join in with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Watch the ‘About this activity’ video first so you know how to join in. Then, once you have decided on which instruments and sounds you will use, watch the ‘Play along’ video. Have fun!

About this activity

Play along

How to join in with this activity

  • Before you begin the play along, have a think about three sounds you might hear in the morning – perhaps it could be birds tweeting? Or an alarm clock? Or perhaps a big yawn?
  • Try and create your own musical version for each of these things. For example, for birds tweeting, perhaps you could use bells or make some high-pitched whistling noises? Then decide which order you’re going to perform each of these sounds in
  • Afterwards, to prepare for the second part of the activity, divide into 2 groups.
  • Each group is going to have different notes to play, so you’ll need an instrument with notes for this section. You could join in with chime bars or bells, or perhaps one of the OrchLab Soundmakers, like OrchLab Lines.
  • The first group is going to use the notes C, E and G. If you are using OrchLab Lines, set the key to C major. See our guide for using OrchLab Lines to find out how to do this.
  • The second group is going to use the notes F, A and C. If you are using OrchLab Lines, set the key to F major.
  • Watch the screen carefully during the play along so that you know when each group needs to play.
  • Have fun!

Listen to the orchestra:

Hear the LPO perform Tchaikovsky’s ‘Fantasy Overture’ from Romeo and Juliet.

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