Meet the touch instruments: Touch Trombone

A picture of the Touch Trombone on a black tablecloth

In our OrchLab workshops, participants make and perform music together using a range of instruments, including percussion, digital instruments, and their voices. The team at Drake Music have designed and created a set of touch instruments which make traditional orchestral instruments more accessible to OrchLab participants.

The Touch Trombone is an accessible version of the trombone, a member of the brass family. Watch the video below for more information about the Touch Trombone and how it is performed.

Explore more:

  • You can find out more about the orchestral trombone with our trombone player Dave Whitehouse on the OrchMap
  • You can learn more about the other touch instruments in our introductions to the Touch Oboe and Touch Harp
  • OrchLab participants can have a go at playing the touch instruments in our OrchLab workshops. You can find out more about our OrchLab sessions in our 2022 OrchLab film: Appalachian Spring