OrchLab Film 2022: Appalachian Spring

In Autumn 2022, OrchLab worked with groups from Luton Road (Look Ahead Care Support & Housing) and Athol House (Leonard Cheshire) on a project inspired by Appalachian Spring, a ballet by Aaron Copland. This film was influenced by Copland’s music and the idea of music being the soundtrack to our lives. We really enjoyed making music with these groups throughout 2022.

Copland (1900–1990) is one of the most popular American composers of the 20th century and is probably best well known for Appalachian Spring and Rodeo.

In our OrchLab project we were inspired by different parts of the music from Appalachian Spring including creating our own version of the ‘Simple Gifts’ song and making music for waking up and parties.

We hope you enjoy the short film we produced of our own Appalachian Spring celebration!