Performance – Prokofiev: ‘Troika’

a russian troika sled

As part of OrchLab Festival Day 2020, we screened a performance of ‘Troika’ from Sergei Prokofiev’s Lieutenant Kijé Orchestral Suite. In this special arrangement by John Webb you will see musicians from the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform this well-known wintry piece.

The piece is a musical depiction of a fast winter’s journey on a troika, which is a traditional Russian sled led by three horses. The main tune you can hear (which is passed around all of the musicians in the ensemble) is from a traditional cavalry song. You may also recognise the melody from Greg Lake’s famous festive song ‘I believe in Father Christmas’ – but Prokofiev used it first!

Join in

If you have instruments, try playing along when you hear the tune played by Kate on the violin. If you have sleigh-bells or shakers that will add a wintry feel of a horse trotting along in the snow!